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FCCOA Client Rights

It is the responsibility of the client to notify FCCOA when a meal is late or not delivered.


It is your right to request a suggested contribution/fee schedule. Some programs allow contributions while others require a fee.


It is the responsibility of the client to notify FCCOA when you will not be home or unavailable for meal delivery. If a client misses (2) consecutive deliveries by FCCOA without prior notification to the agency, services will automatically be terminated.


It is the client’s right to be assured of strict confidentiality of any personal information. It is your right to refuse to provide any information to this or any other agency. Some agency funders require certain information, refusing to provide the required information may result in a termination of services.


It is the right of the client to be included in all aspects of service planning—from initial contact to termination. If the client desires, family members may be included in the process.


It is the client’s right to report any problems or concerns with the agency. These should be reported to the Service Manager first. If the Service Manager cannot resolve the matter to the client’s satisfaction, the Executive Director should be notified. If matters are not resolved, clients have the right to a grievance hearing before the FCCOA Board of Directors. All efforts must be made to resolve the matter within the agency. All grievances not resolved through this process can be taken to the Central Midlands Area Agency on Aging.

  • FCCOA will notify clients of any changes in regular services to allow for adequate time for the clients care to be arranged.

  • Services provided by FCCOA are assessed every six months. This process determines the need for continued services. Any termination will be given with adequate notice.

  • Changes in client health, living arrangements, formal or informal support of client are determining factors in terminating services. Also, agency funding levels may be factor.

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