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Summer Wrapup

July was a fairly quiet month, but we have not been idle. We are about to restart a hot meal route in Ridgeway! Plus, we've made some internal switches amongst our team members.

You all should know Bekah Boyd (now Young). She came in this year as our receptionist and is now taking on a new role as our new Activity Director.

Also, many of you have worked with Douglas Peake, our services manager. Josh Carte, our current program manager will be taking Douglas' place as he has chosen to pursue a different career path.

Despite the shift in faces, we are still going to keep providing our elder neighbors with the very best of care!

Speaking of care, Winnsboro recently celebrated Christmas in July with many local merchants and artisans. Here at the Council on Aging, we are getting ready for our Angel Tree project. You'll hear more about that in September. Just remember: we have seniors who could use the kindness of their neighbors in the community. The Angel Tree project is a great way to make that happen! Stay tuned!

And remember on Monday, September 5th, the offices will be closed for Labor Day. (It's never too early for reminders.) Enjoy the rest of August!

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