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Every year, Subaru of America teams up with four national charities to raise funds for those charities--with Meals on Wheels being one of them. Being that FCCOA is a member of Meals on Wheels America, we get a share in the donations raised.

How does it work?

 Through this program Subaru has donated more than $200 million to help those in need. By supporting them, you support us! Check out your local Subaru to get involved!


But I don’t want to buy or lease right now!

That is okay! The other focus is on sharing the love this season. There are many ways to give—not just financially. Giving your time, helping raise awareness for causes that are important to you and even saying “thank you” to the groups helping those causes can be great ways to share the love. Don’t forget to share the love this holiday season!


Final Note
Speaking of sharing the love and saying thank you: we want to thank you for all the support you have been giving to FCCOA over the years! Because of wonderful people like you, we have been able to touch the lives of so many Fairfield seniors and make sure their needs are met. Thank you!

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